Professional Team

Tutors are professional trained in a wide variety of styles and areas. We have extensive performing, TV advertising, filming and modeling

experiences in concerts, public shows, performances and events for famous brands and clients which include Hong Kong Ballet, Hong Kong Dance Company,

City Contemporary Dance Company, Lamborghini, La Prairie, Ocean Park, Coca Cola, Calvin Klein and Audi etc.

Venessa Chong

Founder, Artistic Director of Venessa Dance Theatre (Hong Kong)

Curriculum Planning and Development Director of Venessa Dance Theatre Kids Academy Guest Artist at Anais Dance Company (Italy)

Venessa graduated with the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors) from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2012 majoring in Contemporary Dance, and was the recipient of the Hong Kong Bank Foundation Mainland Exchange Scholarship. She has also attained a Diploma in Performing Arts in 2009, and was professionally trained in a wide variety of styles and areas including Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Body-Conditioning, Dance Education, Choreography, and Performing.

During her studies, she has worked with various dance artists including Dam Va Nuynh, Christina Brandt Jensen, Jaime Redfern, John Utans, and Wenchung Lin. She has extensive performing experience in public shows, performances and events for companies and clients, which include the City Contemporary Dance Company, Unlock Dancing Plaza, Lamborghini, La Prairie and Ocean Park. Venessa is also an experienced dance teacher, and has been teaching in various dance institutes, kindergartens, primary schools, and education centres.

Kwuney Lo

Dancer, RAD ballet registered Tutor

Kwuney graduated with the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors) from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) in 2012 majoring in Ballet, and was a recipient of the Gifted Young Talent Scholarship in 2007, the Spring-Time Stage Production Scholarship in 2008, the Grantham Scholarship in 2009, and in 2011, the Disney Scholarship, the Society of APA Scholarship and the HSBC Hong Kong- Mainland Exchange Scholarship.

She has also completed Grades 1 -4 with Honors Plus in the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing Modern Jazz , and has completed Grade 8 of the Royal Academy of Dance Vocational Graded Examinations in Dance – Classical Ballet with full marks.

As a student, she has danced with the Hong Kong Ballet and the English National Ballet and took part in performances for HKAPA including La Bayadere in 2011 and 2012, and Les Sylphides, Swanning Around and Clique in 2011. She also has choreographic experiences for the HKAPA, as well as for Open Dance Contest Modern Dance Youth, for which she has received the awards of silver medals for various years.

Kwuney has also attained solid teaching experience since 2006, majoring in RAD Ballet, Musical Theatre and Jazz, and has taught for many ballet schools, dance companies and also the Hong Kong YWCA.

Niko Cheung

Dancer, Tutor

Studying with honor degree in Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Science and Technology. During his studies, he is the Executive Committee of UST Dance Society – Internal Vice-chairperson, and he won the Champion in Intra Varsity Dance Competition (Joint-University Dance Competition2017). Niko is an experienced dancer in hiphop, jazz and waacking.


Dancer, Tutor

Miss Vonnie is an experienced dance teacher and professional dancer.
She graduated with the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors) from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) in 2012 majoring in Contemporary Dance, and minoring in Dance Education. She starts learning dance from 14, and was professionally trained in a wide variety of styles, including Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop. She worked with various artists during her study in HKAPA, including John Ultans, Daniel Yeung, Ruping Wang, Dam Van Huynh, Laura Aris, Wenchung Lin, and Jaime Redfern. She was being a representative to perform in Korean Busan International Dance Festival in 2011 and Singapore FRINGE festival (Art & Faith) in 2012. After graduated, she was working for Hong Kong Disneyland as a full -time Dancer. At the same time, she was a part-time Dance tutor. In 2015, she decided to quit Disney and being a Full-time dance teacher, and mainly teaching kids dance courses for both performance and exams (RAD Ballet and CSTD Jazz) in different centers and kindergartens.

Godfrey Lo

Dancer, Tutor

Godfrey Lo started dancing in 2012, he has studied with many well-known instructors in Hong Kong and Japan. As a professional instructor and dancer, Godfrey Lo has participated in many performance opportunities ranging from TV shows to concerts, as well as advertisement. He has been working with several artists in Hong Kong and China, including Pakho Chau, Kenji Wu, Chrissie Chau, Alan Ko, Joyce Chu, Hwang Chi-yeul, Reve, etc. He also has been working with different famous brands and clients for performances, which include Bauhaus, Citysuper, Manulife, Nuskin, Vita Soya Milk, Kyusoku Jikan, etc. Godfrey Lo took part in several dance competitions in Hong Kong. He was the first runner-up in the Best Dance Crew 2016 contest with his crew 「Dimsum」 and the first runner-up and the second runner-up in Intra-Varsity Dance competition 2016 and 2015 respectively together with HKUST Dance Society. He has also choreographed numbers of annual performances and showcase performance for universities and studios in Hong Kong.


Dancer, Tutor